Young Toddler Room


In the young toddler room we have children who range from the ages of 12 to 23 months. The teachers guide these young children’s social and emotional growth. They teach the children the beginnings of sharing, taking turns, and playing together with others. They also work on their cognition (brain development), language, and motor skills through reading, art activities, gym and play times, and learning through everyday activities that involve counting, singing, colors, and naming objects.


Major Milestones for the Toddlers (Mastered Skills)

  • 12 months – 14 months – uses two words, bends over to pick objects up, eats with fingers, imitates others, imitates others
  • 15 months – 16 months – plays with ball, uses three words, walks backward, turns page of book, stacks blocks, helps undress/dress
  • 17 months – 18 months – likes riding toys scribbles
  • 19 months – 20 months – uses silverware, throws a ball, feeds doll, helps around the house
  • 21 months – 24 months – walk up stairs, kicks ball forward, uses simple words, name body parts


Any questions on the curriculum and/or processes inside the classroom, please feel free to ask the teacher. If at any time you feel like your child needs practice or change of focus, please contact the teacher.