Pre-Kindergarten and Preschool


The instruction for children in the early years is much different than what it looks like in the “typical classroom”. Learning occurs through hands-on activities and interaction with materials, peers, and adults. Children will be offered multiple opportunities to learn through literature, writing, problem solving, creativity, and play. Your child will have an individualized and focused instructional plan that will meet his/her needs, as well as encompasses his/her interests, ability, and culture.

The classroom environment is safe, comfortable, and nurturing- much like what you see at home. Your child will discover and understand the key learning standards by exploring the classroom and its diverse set of materials. Your child will also experience how to get along with others and how to appreciate the contributions of others in the classroom.


The Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood

KidZone follows the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood. This curriculum framework provides the continuum of learning that begins at birth and continues through graduation. The PA Learning Standards for Early Childhood includes big ideas, essential questioning, vocabulary, concepts, alphabet and number recognition.

Key Learning Standards for Early Childhood Format

  • Approaches to Learning Through Play: Constructing, Organizing, and Applying Knowledge
  • Creative Thinking and Expression: Communicating Through the Arts
  • Mathematical Thinking and Expression: Exploring, Processing, and Problem Solving
  • Scientific Thinking and Technology: Exploring, Inquiry, and Discovery
  • Social Studies Thinking: Connecting to Communities
  • Early Literacy Foundations: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening
  • Health, Wellness, and Physical Development: Learning About My Body
  • Partnerships for Learning: Families, Learning Environments, and Communities
  • Social and Emotional Development: Learning About Myself and Others

Any questions on the curriculum and/or processes inside the classroom, please feel free to ask the teacher. If at any time you feel like your child needs practice or change of focus, please contact the teacher.