Daycare Room


The daycare class has daily lessons for children ages 3 to 4. They practice letter recognition, colors, days of the week, what gender they are, and self help skills (ex. zipping up our coats, washing our hands, and putting on their shoes). They also work on social/emotional skills like making friends, using our words not our hands, and how to recognize what we are feeling and ways to express those feelings appropriately.

The daycare children go on nature walks when it is nice out. They also have music and movement time where we play musical instruments and dance/move to different varieties of music. Different themes occur throughout the month. Each week is a new Bible lesson so that by the end of the week, the children have a good idea of the theme and lesson. Mathematical skills are practiced by counting and sorting by colors, shapes, or sizes. Art is represented when working with different textures, and painting using fun things like feather and Q-tips to help develop the fine motor skills.

Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday is show and tell, so please allow your little one to bring in something very special to show the class.

The Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood

KidZone follows the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood. This curriculum framework provides the continuum of learning that begins at birth and continues through graduation. The PA Learning Standards for Early Childhood includes big ideas, essential questioning, vocabulary, concepts, alphabet and number recognition.

Key Learning Standards for Early Childhood Format

  • Approaches to Learning Through Play: Constructing, Organizing, and Applying Knowledge
  • Creative Thinking and Expression: Communicating Through the Arts
  • Mathematical Thinking and Expression: Exploring, Processing, and Problem Solving
  • Scientific Thinking and Technology: Exploring, Inquiry, and Discovery
  • Social Studies Thinking: Connecting to Communities
  • Early Literacy Foundations: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening
  • Health, Wellness, and Physical Development: Learning About My Body
  • Partnerships for Learning: Families, Learning Environments, and Communities
  • Social and Emotional Development: Learning About Myself and Others

Any questions on the curriculum and/or processes inside the classroom, please feel free to ask the teacher. If at any time you feel like your child needs practice or change of focus, please contact the teacher.